All About Family Movies

As movie ratings standards decline and studios focus more on big-money, big-action films, it’s getting harder and harder to find good family movies that are truly appropriate for children of all ages.

Ratings for Family Movies
Movie ratings are determined by a group of parents. Movies deemed suitable for children are usually rated G or PG, however some PG movies may contain jokes that you don’t consider appropriate for your children. Most of the time they go over kids’ heads, but some could lead to uncomfortable conversations.

Due to ratings creep, you should research a PG-13 film carefully before bringing any child under 13, and some children over 13. While most are fairly free of sexual content, they may contain more violence than you’re comfortable with.

Some G-rated movies are really children’s movies, meaning they focus only on children and have no jokes for adults. Up found great success with this, but sometimes the parents want to able to enjoy the movie, too. PIXAR is a master at producing balanced family films. Other types of kids’ movies include animated, child hero, animated, animal, fantasy-adventure, and action-adventure. Non-animated movies are usually PG or PG-13. Although animated movies have traditionally been rated G, several recent films have been rated PG or PG-13. Most PIXAR films are rated G.

If you’re concerned about the direction family films are taking, use your movie-going dollars to let the studios know what you think. is here to help you decide whether a film deserves your hard-earned money.

Choosing the Right Movie
Regardless of the ratings, family-friendly movies now include big-budget blockbusters, and small child-oriented films. Each year sees a decent crop of age-appropriate movies, as well as a few stinkers. Use the family movie guide to find synopses and recommendations about which movies are good for which members of your brood.

The studios have their own ideas about what’s acceptable in movies for kids, so it’s up to your to determine which types of films you want to expose your children, too. And remember, the presence of a child in a movie with a cute commercial doesn’t always make the film suitable for children.

If you’re looking to fill your DVD library with high quality children’s movies, look to the list of best family films. The list spans from Snow White, the very first animated feature, to Megamind, a critically-acclaimed Dreamworks Animation film, and includes live-action and animated movies from the last 70 years.

Finally, some family movie stars, like Eddie Murphy and Tim Allen, can be relied upon to create child-friendly fare every year. Some actual children have recently burst onto the family movie scene, as well as stars from unexpected entertainment forms. Both notable actors Neil Patrick Harris and Anne Hathaway lend their voices to the animated film, Rio this spring.

Movies for kids may not be the most riveting films, but they can still be entertaining. The true test of a “kids” movie is the number of adults it also draws in. If a movie can keep everyone from age 3 to 103 in their seats and happy, it’s done its job, and then some